UA BountyGold, All-round Performer Open Pollination Certified Canola

UA BountyGold is a University of Alberta Open Pollination (OP) certified canola seed. A pre-emergent herbicide (Edge) should be used and can be spring applied. This seed is ideal for non-GMO global markets.

Seed Features

  • Great yield potential - 106.9% of checks
  • Great standability
  • Easy to harvest
  • Earlier to maturity (favorable for the Peace River block)
  • Broad adaptability
  • Certified seed
  • Low cost
  • Can be ordered treated or untreated

This seed variety is subject to a royalty and upon payment, it can be reused/replanted for one year.

Check Details

Yield: 106.9% of checks
Flowering: 1.5 days earlier than checks
Maturity: 0.5 day earlier than checks
Plant Height: 101.9 cm vs. 103.9 cm for mean of checks
Lodging: Better than checks
Blackleg Resistance: Rated as MR
Oil Content: 0.2% lower than checks
Protein Content: 0.1% higher than checks
Glucosinolate Content: 1.8 ╬╝mol lower than checks (per g seed basis)
Saturate Level: Similar to checks

*Checks were 46A65 and Q2

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